• Flush Lift Slide Handle
    Cascade Flush Handle

    Now available, the hot new Cascade Flush Lift Slide Handle. Solid stainless steel 304 grade, PVD protected, flush mount handle..Read more
  • Flush Window Handles
    Flush Window Handles
    Flush window handles for multipoint, tilt turn or TBT (Turn before Tilt) applications. Available in a variety of finishes... Read more
  • Narrow Flush Pull
    Narrow Flush Pull
    The narrow locking flush pull by Truth, available in Satin Nickel or Gloss Black. Available in locking or as dummy pull set... Read more
  • FFI Lift Slide Handles
    FFI Lift Slide Handles
    FFI offers quality exclusive decorative hardware including lift slide handles (standard and removeable), door pulls, and cylinders in a wide variety of colors, materials and finishes. We offer... Read more
  • FASTrack
    FFI's adjustable, modular track system which features long-lasting corrosion-resistant materials. FASTrack adapts to variable field conditions using modular parts and can be adjusted vertically and horizontally for laser-level installations... Read more
  • Multipoint Window Hardware
    Multipoint Hardware
    FFI offers a wide range of multipoint hardware including European Multipoint Window Locks designed to meet architectural needs for large openings, and to help meet performance requirements for secure alignment, warp-prevention... Read more
  • Tilt Turn Hardware
    Tilt Turn Hardware
    FFI has European Tilt Turn multipoint window systems designed to meet architectural needs for large openings, and to help meet performance requirements for secure alignment, warp-prevention and hurricane testing... Read more
  • Barn Door Hardware
    Barn Door Hardware
    Barn doors are hung from a top track and carriage system, slide easily and allow a smooth floor with no bottom track, no protruding sill and no triop hazard. FFI barn door hardware systems feature self-cleaning track... Read more
  • Decorative Window Hardware
    Decorative Window Hardware
    FFI offers a wide assortment of decorative window handles in many different finishes including Polished Lacquered Brass, Polished Nickel, Satin Nickel, Dark Bronze Unlacquered, and Black Bronze Unlacquered... Read more
  • Truth Window Hardware
    Truth Window Hardware
    The Truth Hardware company has been focused on quality and craftsmanship to fill the needs of American industry. FFI has been proud to offer quality Truth hardware for over 25 years to window and door manufacturers... Read more


Attention: We are growing!
FFI announces the official launch of Automated Fenestration Inc.
Functional Fenestration Inc (FFI) provides high quality architectural hardware to the fenestration (door & window) industry.

FFI has three areas of emphasis:

  • Door Hardware: Lift slide, Top Hung (Barn Door), Sliding door and Swing door hardware.
  • Window Hardware: Lift slide, Multipoint and Tilt turn hardware.
  • Decorative Hardware for doors and windows in various styles.
Automated Fenestration Inc (AFI) provides hardware and controls for automated windows and skylights for natural ventilation.

AFI has three areas of emphasis:

  • Window Actuators: Chain and linear actuators of every size and color.
  • Control Panels: For single actuators or large groups.
  • Accessories: Switches, sensors, interfaces, brackets & adapters.

Our staff is here to help with your projects from start to finish because
our success is based on your success.

Functional Fenestration Inc. - Serving the North American fenestration community since 1987


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