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FFI Actuator & Control Systems

Functional Fenestration Inc (FFI) is the North American expert and market leader in motorized actuators and controls for windows, vents, and skylights.

Since 1987 FFI has served the construction community with quality architectural hardware and motorized solutions for fenestration (doors, windows & skylights).

FFI clients include manufacturers and re-sellers of doors, windows, skylights and hardware; building facade and glazing fabricators; and curtain wall manufacturers. We also provide solutions for architects, contractors and building automation specialists.

FFI only recommends UL compliant systems.
FFI is a UL registered firm and manufacturer of FFI UL Control Panel Systems with Actuators.

Applications for Actuator systems
  Commercial, institutional and residential applications include schools, universities, offices, gyms, homes, condos, and more.
  Natural ventilation and smoke evacuation projects.
  Almost any operable opening in a building facade can be automated: awning windows (top-hinged), hopper windows (bottom-hinged), casement windows (side-hinged), parallel windows (hinged on 4 sides), storefront glazing, skylights, curtain wall vents, and other vents.

Actuators help green building goals & energy conservation
  Natural ventilation systems, such as operable windows and skylights, conserve energy by reducing air conditioning and heating use.
  LEED credits can be earned under Indoor Environmental Quality for Natural Ventilation, Daylighting and Views.
  Low-voltage DC actuators are energy efficient.
  Links to Green Building Information.

Basic Types of Actuators for Automation
Electric actuators combine a motor and operator in one unit.
  Chain actuators are activated by a chain, and UL recognized models are available (EM, FM, LM, Quasar, Vega).
  Linear actuators for humid environments, sliding windows and other special applications.
  Truth WLS window motors are ideal for retrofit and residential.

FFI UL Control and Actuator Systems
  FFI is a UL Registered firm, offering the only complete UL solution for commercial and institutional motor projects.
  FFI UL Control Panels act as an interface between FFI DC Actuators and Direct Digital Control (DDC) systems such as Building Automation or Management Systems (BAS or BMS), Home Automation Systems or Heating/Ventilation/Air Conditioning Systems (HVAC).
  FFI UL Control Panels contain Programmable Controllers, Power Supply and other components as needed.
  Programmable features include custom control of actuator chain opening length, and actuator signal feedback to confirm open or closed window position.
  Range of sizes and capacities from small to large, for single actuators or multiple actuators and multiple groups of actuators.
  Control Panel 5 amp, 1 control unit
  Control Panel 10 amp, 2 control units
  Control Panel 20 amp, 3 control units
  Control Panel 10 amp, 4 control units
  Control Panel 20 amp, 4 control units

Ask FFI for help with recommendations for your project requirements.

Key Features of FFI Actuators – PDF Overview Chart
  Most models can interface with Building Management Systems (BMS, BACnet, Modbus, LON, etc).
  Low voltage DC actuators are recommended for energy efficiency and safety (AC models are also available).
  Stainless Steel chain drives on most motorized operators.
  Almost any opening distance (chain stroke) is possible, from 1 inch to 40 inches.
  Standard case colors are grey, white, or black available for most models.
  Multiple motorized windows can be operated with one switch
  Electric actuators can be concealed from view in window profiles.
  Compatible with most window and skylight brands.

LM2, EM, FM Series Chain Actuators
  UL Recognized, DC Actuators. SHE certified.
  LM2 actuators are very compact (up to 44 lbs push/pull force).
  EM actuators have a centered chain (up to 68 lbs push/pull force). EM short stroke and EM long stroke.
  FM is the strongest chain drive offered in North America (158 lbs force), FM UL long stroke.
  Paired actuators for wide windows include: LM2 Tandem, EM Tandem, FM UL Tandem long stroke.
  RM locking motors are available to add lock points to compatible windows with LM2, EM, or FM actuators.

Vega and Quasar
  UL Recognized, AC/DC Actuators, SHE certified.
  Vega have attractive casing and are self-adjusting at closure. Synchro-Vega is for wide vents needing 2 to 4 motors. Twin-Vega Synchro is two actuators in one case. Vega AC RF has remote.
  Quasar are high force actuators and are self-adjusting at closure. Synchro-Quasar is for wide vents needing 2 to 4 motors. Twin-Quasar Synchro is two actuators in one case.
  Quasar-L is a longer Quasar for larger openings. Synchro-Quasar-L is for extra-wide vents needing 2 to 4 motors.

CDi and EasyDrive
  CDi (Chain Drive integrated) are actuators to be designed into a window or curtain wall profile.
  EasyDrive allows programming of actuator status, opening distance, synchronization, speed, force, and window seal pressure. LM EasyDrive and EM EasyDrive.

Truth Products - as a Truth distributor since 1987, FFI has available:
  Sentry II WLS operator motors
  Sentry II HS chain motors
  Marvel chain motor
  Truth hinges for casement and awning windows

Whether you need power window operators, skylight motors, remote control window systems, or automated remote operation of any type of motorized vent for natural ventilation or smoke evacuation – FFI has a solution. Contact FFI Inside Sales for assistance.

Requests For Information (RFI) and Quotes (RFQ)
FFI can help you choose FFI products for automating vents (window drives, skylight operators, motorized ventilation of curtain-wall vents) in commercial, institutional and residential projects.
FFI will ask you to complete our FFI Actuator Project Checklist, and answer any questions you have.

Contact FFI by email or at 800-677-0228.


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