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FASTrack Benefits
  • Fast and easy installation of multiple sliding door floor tracks.
  • Adaptable to variable field conditions using modular parts
  • High durability and corrosion resistance
  • Adjustable height for laser level installations
  • Multiple output ports for 3/8” tubing for fast drainage
  • Low profile 3/16” exposed height from finished floor
  • Reticulated foam filter helps keep debris out of drainage lines
  • Systems uses: track, bridge, bridge clips, and track clips.
  • For single or multi-panel lift slide doors.
  • Compatible with any door manufacturer panels up to their stated weight capacity.
  • 5mm track diameter for lift slide carriages.
  • Aluminum track Class I Anodized in 12 and 21 foot lengths.
  • Ask FFI about our FASTrack BOM Calculator, for quick and easy parts list and pricing!

Optional Interlock Drainage Kit installed in FASTrack Drainage System

  • FASTrack components are warranted for one (1) year from date of original purchase against defects in materials and manufacturing, under normal installation and use.
  • Aluminum is warranted for 1 year against corrosion-related functional failure. (Class I anodizing reduces corrosion risk for aluminum in concrete.)
  • Warranty doesn’t cover corrosion from direct exposure to harsh chemicals such as chlorine or chlorides, nor improper settling of floor. Any return or claim must be made according to FFI Terms and Conditions, see FFI catalog section A.


  1. Maintain sliding doors and tracks monthly; use water & mild soap to clean away debris and dirt; use a mildly abrasive pad such as Scotch-Brite to clean any surface discoloration or rust.


  1. Do not mix system parts! (SST parts will not fit on Aluminum Systems.)
  2. Read and use appropriate FFI Install Guide.
  3. Aluminum is at risk for corrosion when embedded in concrete that contains chlorides. Class I anodizing reduces corrosion risk for aluminum in concrete.
  4. Wheel compatibility: Any FFI Lift Side carriage is compatible, all FFI lift slide carriages are compatible with 5mm diameter track.


FASTrack Drainage, a complete drainage solution

Functional Fenestration Inc (FFI) is proud to offer the aluminum FASTrack Drainage System. A flexible solution to water diversion from your door opening.

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