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European Screw Hinges
  • European Screw hinges have a key advantage over butt hinges: no mortising.
  • After installation, screw hinges are fully adjustable.

AGB R4 Hinges (coming soon)

For wood doors weighing up to 160kg (350 lbs) when using 3 hinges.

R4 hinges are adjustable, making door installation easy.

  • Wood entry doors
  • Interior wood doors
  • Flush or overlay wood doors

Screw Hinges

  • Zenit steel screw hinges are very easy to install because top and bottom screws can be removed during installation.
  • 3D stainless steel screw hinges are coated inside with self-lubricating plastic.
  • 16mm and 20mm finial sizes for doors.
  • 14mm and other finial sizes for windows.
  • Screw hinges have ball bearings for smooth operation.
  • Screw hinges can carry very heavy sashes; ask FFI for details.

AGB R4 Hinges

  • For wood doors up to 160kg (350 lbs).
  • Details coming soon.

Zenit and 3D screw hinges have a variety of decorative covers, in brass or plastic.

Contact FFI for options and technical files.

Swing Door Hinges

European screw hinges are easy to install, require no mortising, and adjustable.

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