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  • Stainless steel face-plate, hooks and strikes.
  • Easy to operate.
  • 90° cylinder thumbturn provides visual locking indicator.
  • Double-hooks are spring-loaded and automatically latch behind strike plate.
  • Anti-slam feature prevents unintentional locking and damage during operation.
  • Hooks engage in opposing directions for security protection from lift-out.
  • Choice of decorative brass handle sets.
  • Sliding doors in wood, fiberglass, aluminum, or vinyl/pvc.
  • Exterior or interior doors; 1-3/4” or 2-1/4” thickness.
Lock and Strike Features
  • Lock backset: 28 mm (1-1/8”).
  • Lock center: 92 mm (3-5/8”).
  • Lock spindle hub: offset, for 8 mm square spindle.
  • Face-plate: stainless steel 304 grade brushed, 20 mm (13/16”) wide, 370 mm (14-1/2”) tall, 2.5 mm thick, with arched ends.
  • Lock materials: stainless steel face and hooks, galvanized steel body.
  • Hooks are stainless steel 304 grade and adjust in or out +/– 2 mm.
  • Strikes: 3 options, 304 stainless steel brushed, adjustable on installation.
  • Screws not included. (Use #7 or #8, 2 per lock, 4 per strike.)

Decorative handle set features
  • Compatibility: recommended for the Winkhaus Slider Lock; other handles may not be compatible.
  • Material: high quality brass.
  • Escutcheon: 34 mm (1-3/8”) wide, 222 mm (8-7/8”) long, 10.5 mm (3/8”) proud, arched ends.
  • Ergonomic handle design (avoids “knuckle-busting”).

One lock, with choice of strikes

Part No. Description Standard Applications
2896437 Winkhaus Slider Door Lock Sliding Doors
289644 Flat Strike for Slider Lock Wood Doors
1342942 U-strike for Slider Lock, 9mm PVC or aluminum doors
1320480 U-strike for Slider Lock, 20mm PVC or aluminum doors

Choice of handle styles: Botticelli, Fontana, Mercury & Volo.

Handle finishes - choices vary by handle; check for availability: ( ) = BHMA code

Oil-Rubbed Brass (613), PVD Bronze (739), White (714), PVD Ultra Steel (748), Antique Brass (609), PVD Bright Brass (723),Flat Black (622).

Choice of 3 plate functions:
  1. Keyed entry — full cylinder with key and thumb-turn knob.
  2. Patio function — half cylinder with thumb-turn knob only.
  3. Inactive function — blank (dummy) plates with no cylinder.

90° Cylinder is required for keyed and patio sets, and included in kits.

To order handle set kits, the following information is needed: handle style, handle finish, function, and door thickness. See FFI catalog Section D for part code grid.

Warranty for Winkhaus Slider Door Lock and trim is one year.

Winkhaus Slider Door Lock

FFI is the exclusive North American source for Winkhaus products. The Winkhaus Slider Door Lock has stainless steel face, anti-slam feature, and choice of decorative trim.

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