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FFI Rapid Spacers
  • Rapid, accurate field installations.
  • Easy future re-adjustment to keep frames plumb and level.
  • Lower parts and labor costs for field installation and service.
  • FFI Rapid Spacers passed Miami Dade hurricane tests for lift slide doors.
  • Cost-effective, with volume discounts.

FFI Rapid Spacers are for all types of sashes:

  • Doors or windows
  • Wood, aluminum, and PVC/vinyl frames

Manufacturers using Proni Rapid-Block Spacers for lift slide and other types of doors and windows include Kolbe & Kolbe, Kommerling, Rehau, Veka & more.

Rapid Spacers have passed Miami Dade Building Code hurricane tests (visit, Search by File 08-0915.03, Lift & Slide Wood Clad Aluminum Sliding Glass Door, rated 40 dpi, report page E-2 “Proni Group series 600 structural load bearing shim complying with ASTM D412.”)

  • Various sizes of rapid-block spacers are available for different sash configurations; see Data Sheets.
  • For number and placement of rapid-block spacers that may be needed per rough opening; see Data Sheets.

Installation tools, drill bits, and other accessories are available for Rapid Spacers; see Data Sheets for details.

Warranty for Rapid Spacers is one year.

FFI Rapid Spacers

For installation and adjustment of doors and windows, Rapid Spacers are faster, easier, more accurate, and more cost-effective than the shims of yester-year.

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