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Climatech Composite Threshold
  • Track has 5mm diameter
  • 3 threshold widths to accommodate 68mm, 78mm and 92mm panel thicknesses
  • 6 meter standard lengths.
  • Supports both sliding panel and fixed sashes.
  • Threshold available in Brown RAL 8019 (stock) or Grey RAL 7035 (special order).
  • Features central point pad between central profile and threshold for increased
    heat/cold insulation.
  • Use appropriate safety equipment when cutting fiberglass-reinforced material.
  • Add welded gaskets to seal sash to threshold (See Catalog C-13).
  • Cap & Accessory kit required (sold separately).

Anodized Aluminum Threshold
  • Track has 5mm diameter, adapts to almost any arrangement
  • Provides 2 parallel tracks when used with G00743 or G00742 secondary panel
  • Aluminum finished with Class II anodizing
  • Thermally broken model features track insert which hides screws and is replaceable in case of damage

Maintenance: Maintain sliding doors and tracks monthly; use water & mild soap to clean away debris and dirt.

  • Thresholds support a sliding and fixed panel.
  • For lift slide panels, use with FFI SST lift slide system.
  • For multi-slide panels, use with FFI SST Twin Roller.
  • Climatech provides optimal thermal protection all the way across the composite material.
  • For a complete solution for optimal thermal performance and to prevent water infiltration -- combine FFI's Climatech Threshold, Uni-V Interlock and Welded Corner Gasket.


Functional Fenestration Inc (FFI) has threshold solutions to prevent water infiltrationand provide thermal protection. Compatible with lift slide and multislide panels.

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