Functional Fenestration enjoys building long-term mutually rewarding relationships with our clients. FFI is here to help because we believe that our sucess is based on your sucess.
Purchases, payments and returns are subject to Functional Fenestration Inc Terms and Conditions.
Will Calls and FFI showroom visits are by appointment only.

Current Customers
If you already have an account, complete the FFI Purchase Order Form, email, call (800) 677-0228, or fax (323) 756-9971 to place an order. FFI accepts company checks, credit cards, cashier's checks, and wire transfers for companies outside the United States. FFI has a $50 order minimum, see other policies in Terms and Conditions.

New Customers
FFI is a wholesale, business-to-business provider to the fenestration community. Therefore account sales are limited to manufacturers of windows, door, and skylights, and resellers of windows, doors, skylights and hardware.
Architects, designers, builders, contractors, and homeowners: FFI will help connect you with one of our manufacturing customers or authorized resellers. Please contact us for product details and help with referrals.
Manufacturers/resellers of windows, doors and skylights, and hardware resellers: FFI 's first priority is providing you information and solutions for products you are looking for; please tell us what you need help with. Before your company's first purchase is complete, complete the FFI Account Application and review our Terms and Conditions.

How do I get pricing?
Ask FFI for:
Price lists available for some product lines.
FFI BOM calculators, to create Bill of Materials and Price Lists for FFI systems (lift slide, tilt turn, FASTrack, multipoints, and more).
Referrals - Architects, designers, builders, contractors, homeowners - ask us for product help, and referrals to manufacturers and resellers.
Quotes for any product - contact FFI.