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FFI sliding door systems


ALU 80 with silver or dark track

T400 Stainless Steel

ALU100 SoftClose ADA – closeout

ALU100 IP SoftClose ADA – coming soon

Pocket door hardware / barn door hardware

“Top-hung” doors are hung from a top track and carriage system, slide easily and allow a smooth floor—no bottom track, no protruding sill, no trip-hazard.

Applications: Exterior doors, pocket doors, barn doors, interior sliding room dividers, closet doors, industrial buildings, animal enclosures, pantry doors, shutters, screens… and so much more.

FFI top-hung sliding door hardware features:
  FFI Top-Hung Track is Made-in-USA.
  Track finish options: Aluminum in silver or dark bronze; Stainless steel in brushed or polished.
  High capacity for doors weighing up to 1,300 lbs. (600 kg).
  Only FFI top-hung track is designed to be self-cleaning and self-plumbing for no-maintenance performance.
  The specialized plastic in PETP wheels are highly corrosion-resistant, and won’t develop flat spots (as nylon wheels do).
  Made-in-Germany carriages are tested to Class 6 Standard of 100,000 cycles.


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Serious Top-Hung Sliding Door Hardware



Self-cleaning track.

No flat spots.

FFI ALU top-hung sliding door hardware

Applications Interior pocket doors, room dividers, pantry doors, closets & more.
ALU Track Made-in-USA, unique self-cleaning shape.
Finish options Class 1 Anodized aluminum track, in silver or dark bronze.
ALU Carriages Galvanized steel chassis with ball bearings.
Superior wheels PETP plastic wheels are quiet, strong, UV-resistant, corrosion-resistant & durable.
High Capacity For doors up to 330 lbs. (150 kg).
Tested Products are tested to Class 6 standards of 100,000 cycle testing.
Stock systems ALU 40 (90 lbs), ALU 80 (176 lbs), ALU 135 (330 lbs).
Many ALU options See FFI online catalog and Top-hung product flier for details.

ALU Track - Silver finish

Dark Bronze finish

ALU 80 Kit

ALU100 Soft Close for Sliding Doors

New IP SoftClose with in-track stop is coming soon:
ALU100 IP1 SoftClose for 50kg/110 lb panels meets ADA requirement for less than 5 lbs force;
ALU100 IP2 SoftClose for 100kg/220 lb panels.

SoftClose IP guides door gently to the stop position, then holds it securely closed. Low noise; doors will not slam on closure. Easily opens sliding doors – low force is needed.

Applications: Ideal for hotels, patient rooms, office and conference rooms, and bedrooms. For interior doors, room dividers, and pocket doors.

ALU100 IP1 meets ADA requirement (404.2.9) for max operating force to open door of less than 5 lbs.

ALU100 SoftClose Sidemount – close-out

ALU100 IP SoftClose – coming soon

Stainless Steel (SST) top-hung sliding door hardware

Mill (Unfinished)

Brushed Finish

Polished Finish

Applications Exterior doors, pocket doors, barn doors, interior sliding room dividers, industrial doors, factory doors, shutters, screens and more.
SST Track Made-in-USA, stainless steel (316-L marine grade), uniquely shaped, self-cleaning track.
SST Carriages Stainless steel (316-L marine grade) chassis with stainless steel ball bearings.
Superior wheels PETP plastic wheels are quiet, strong, UV-resistant, corrosion-resistant & durable.
Carriage options Options include stainless steel wheels, 4-wheel-drive, and bi-fold carriages.
Capacity For doors up to 1,300 lbs. (600 kg).
Tested Products are tested to Class 6 Standards of 100,000 cycle testing.
Finish options Brushed and polished track are available.
Stock systems T250 (80 lbs), T300 (165 lbs), T400 (350 lbs), T480 (660 lbs).

Many SST options

More details: See FFI online catalog. and Top-hung product flier.

FFI sliding door accessories

For pocket doors, barn doors, patio doors, interior room dividers, and more.

T400 Carriage


For patio doors

FFI is the North American source for Winkhaus Slider Door Locks, sold as a system with FFI strikes and decorative trim. Applications include sliding patio doors in wood, fiberglass, aluminum, or vinyl/pvc. Parts exposed to the elements are stainless steel: face plate, double hooks, and adjustable strikes. System benefits include automatically latching hooks, anti-slam feature, and ergonomic handle design. Brass handles come in a choice of functions, styles, and finishes.
Download flier and contact FFI Customer Service for more details and ordering information.


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For more details and pricing, contact FFI Customer Service at 800-677-0228 or email.

FFI clients: Do you have displays with FFI top-hung hardware in your showroom? Do you have project photos using FFI top-hung hardware? email your photos we’ll promote your company on our website.

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