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AGB Artech Tilt Turn Window Hardware
  • Visible hinges are more robust, for higher weight capacity.
  • One handle operation: tilts in as a hopper window; turns in as a casement window.
  • Standard 16mm Eurogroove milling is universal for all European window, door & tilt turn multipoints.
  • Large, operable windows fulfill green building goals for natural ventilation and daylight.
  • Casement windows allow ease of cleaning and emergency egress.
1. To tilt window in at the top, as an in-swing hopper for ventilation, turn handle UP. 2. To open inward as a casement window for cleaning or emergency exit/egress, turn handle SIDEWAYS. 3. To close and lock window, turn handle DOWN.
AGB Artech Tilt Turn Window Hardware
  • For wood, PVC/vinyl, wood/aluminum combo or composite sashes.
  • For in-swing windows, to provide natural ventilation.
  • For large double-glazed and triple-glazed window, up to 150kg (330 lbs) sash weight.
  • Other shapes (arched or angled top) possible, contact FFI for more information.
  • Can be used with roll-down screens.
AGB Artech Tilt Turn Window Hardware
  • Locks are cold-forged steel for extra strength, only from AGB.
  • Adjustable locking cams.
  • Backsets: 15, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45 or 50mm
  • Strikes: 4 mm airgap for flush-mount, or 12mm airgap for surface-mount.
  • Choice of rebate: 15mm for wood, 18mm for wood or PVC, or 20mm for PVC.
  • Variable handle height.
  • Lock spindle hub: for 7mm square spindle.
  • Activage coastal finish with 2,000 hour+ salt spray resistance.

Modular gear assemblies for flexibility and simplified inventory: Drive rods (heights GR1-GR4) and Monobloc gear boxes (backsets 15, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, 50mm) are sold separately.


Tilt turn systems accept DK window handles with 7mm square spindles.

  York DK Window Handles Kent DK Window Handles Aereo Flush Handle Dorset DK Window Handles
  Many more avilable, see catalog J for more.

ARTech (visible hinge) Tilt Turn Window

Artech is the window solution for modern and contemporary architectural needs. The hardware system offers wide glazing sashes, minimal lines and great attention to detail. FFI has been providing AGB tilt turn hardware to the North American market since 1998. AGB is known for high-quality, in-Europe manufacturing, and quality distinctions such as cold-forged steel for extra strength.

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