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ARTech Multipoint for casement windows
  • Choice of many backsets: 15, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, 50mm
  • Finish salt-spray tested to 2000+ hours corrosion resistance (AGB Activeage used on all ARTech hardware)
  • Optional mushroom cams are vertically adjustable, and provide high strength for security and hurricane or other testing
  • Modular gear assemblies for simple and flexible inventory: drive rods and Monobloc gear boxes are sold separately
  • For single or double (French) sashes
  • Sash types: wood, clad aluminum/wood, fiberglass, or vinyl
  • For in-swing or out-swing windows including casement, awning and hopper windows.
  • For casement sash heights from 18-1/2” up to 7’10” tall
  • Can be used with roll-down screens
  • Function - one handle activates multiple lock points
  • Locks with 2-point shootbolts or corner drives, and removable cams
  • AGB window multipoint bottom terminals have a reversing gear
  • Air gap for cam strikes: 4mm flush-mount or 12mm surface-mount
  • 7mm spindle hub for DK or multipoint handles

AGB window multipoints have spindle hub to accept handles with 7 mm square spindles.

  • DK window handles are recommended for positive stop action.
  • Kent, Devon, York, Dorset and Essex DK handles have very small plates and spring-assist mechanism.
  • FFI small multipoint window handles (Josephine and Marie) are used when minimal size is desired.
  York DK Window Handles Kent DK Window Handles Marie Handles
  Many more avilable, see catalog J for more.

Window Multipoint Gears

FFI has AGB multipoint gears for windows, with one handle activating multiple lock points. AGB gears are cold-forged steel for extra strength.

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